Hi, my name is Sooho Lee.

This site has gone under some restructuring–reflecting life’s ups and downs of yours truly. Previously, the landing or home page had in obnoxiously large, red font: “I am an aspiring constructive systematic theologian.” While a part of me in deep recess still clings to reach such heights, I no longer associate myself with those words. Well, maybe just the word “aspiring”–the other words are neat, and I would like to keep them near. If there’s anything that COVID-19 and the pandemic have taught me–besides that life can be a b*tch–is that any identity based on what I can do, and not am, is bound to crumble if I cannot do it. So at 30 years old I’m learning to look at myself without those words hanging over my head; to see this person named Sooho Lee.

Some things have stayed the same:
– I’m a recovering extrovert.
– I’m into skincare: sunblock for the win.
– I’m 5’10”.
– I still enjoy K-Drama and K-Variety.

Other things have changed:
– I gained pandemic weight.
– I’m obsessed with golf.
– I look at stocks almost every day.
– I moved to Seoul, South Korea.