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Hi, my name is Sooho Lee.

But you probably already knew that—it’s in the URL.

If you read to the bottom of the home page, then you’ve already read—or glanced—at my vision. Here’s a more personal introduction.

Like many immigrants, I abhorred public speaking, reading, and writing. But here I am: publicly posting writings of what I’ve been thinking and reading.

I look “very Korean,” but I’ve been in the States a little over 20 years. I’ve attended elementary all the way to graduate school here. I am fluent in English; I desire fluency in Korean (and a host of other languages). This may come as a shock to many of you—and I love how my looks are so deceiving. 재밌다! (“It’s fun!”)

I’ll close with some tidbits:

  • I’m a recovering extrovert. In other words, I’m a hermit.
  • As much as I like reading, I like K-Drama and K-Variety.
  • I’m into skincare. Sunblock, for the win.
  • Some of my favorite “dead” theologians are Athanasius, Augustine, Anselm, Martin Luther, Karl Barth, and Kosuke Koyama.
  • Some of my favorite “living” theologians are Kathryn Tanner, Willie James Jennings, Katherine Sonderegger, Oliver D. Crisp, and Ian A. McFarland.


Parish Pulpit Fellowship, 2019-2020.
Fuller Theological Seminary, MDiv, 2019.
Wheaton College, BA, 2014.


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