December 2019 Highlights

Honestly, the highlight was visiting Kyoto and Osaka. See photos from here, here, and here.

Old roommies unite!
첫눈 (first snow)
So glad I got to catch up with you!
friends circa 2011
Cobbler Bar: the freakin’ vibes of this place—it’s killer.
sour whiskey, it’s good but not as good as my old roommate’s.
Meet Robin: mixologist extraordinaire. There are no menus at Cobbler Bar. Just tell him what you are feeling for, and he’ll create it on the spot.
It was such a delight to see him cast his spell before my eyes.
Smoky farm: mezcal with pineapple and cucumbers.
Nijo Castle Pond Garden
Will Lovett!
Precious father, precious son.
Will with one of his 20 uncles.

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