January 2020 Highlights

Photos from Leeum Museum:

My favorite piece
First time boarding in Korea!
Just Christmas lights in some building, but stunning results.
me, middle sister, oldest sister, older cousin #1, older cousin #2
me and my sisters where my spread some of mom’s ashes, right by our old neighborhood.

Photos from 익선동 (Ik-sun-dong):

Seriously, Seoul has so many pretty flower shops.
Streets of 익선동 (Ik-sun-dong)
서울커피 익선점 (Seoul Coffee Ik-sun-dong)
뜰안 (Cafe Inner Garden): tea house
Honestly had the best tea here: some plum flower tea.
차분 (Tcha Boon): tea cafe
제사 (Jesa, or veneration rite) for grandpa during 설날 (Lunar New Year)

Some photos from Taipei, Taiwan:

Beef tank noodles

Some special photos from Justin Lovett:

Before you say anything, just look at his eyes. No babies were forced-fed any alcohol for this photo.

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