Jeju Island, South Korea (11.21-23.19)

Had to catch our first sunset photos!
My lovable, goofy cousin.
Jeju Island is famous for these black capped rock and shore—all thanks to volcanic explosions eons ago.
Our lovely first home-stay, affectionately called “Bookmark.”
“Happy moment. Here, right now, us.”
They’re so cute.
Model pose
Stopped by some Fish Festival. There were a lot of old people.
One of the most anticipated festive games is to catch a fish in a swimming pool—biggest catch wins.
An iconic coffeeshop in Jeju—so picturesque!
An attempt at candid.
Just… look at this oceanside view…
… and this background!
“Bang, bang, bang!”
Fresh and fried! What more could you want?
냠냠냠 (“Yum, yum, yum!”)
To the left!
To the right!
Now, pose!
Just hanging with horses.
Portrait mode, iPhone.
Flower cups.
Picking tangerines instead of apples this autumn.
Again, they’re so cute.

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