Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (10.18-20.19)

The final stretch of the trip… Kuala Lumpur!

Stairway up the Batu Caves, right next to the 50 foot golden statue of Lord Murugan.
There are monkeys like these nearby, but don’t touch them! They might have rabies.
These are Hindu temples nestled in a small cave. These colors brighten the dull, dark caves well.
The final temple at the end. The cave’s opening shines just right on it.
On the basement of Lot 10 mall, there are once famous food trucks or carts that were asked to open a foodie space together. These are their names.
Alor food street!
Once a red-light district, now cleaned up and is a tourist and local favorite stop for bites or full meals.
Some random alleyway in KL.

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