November 2019 Highlights

명동! (Myungdong!)
(Another) cute coffeeshop! Hoot hoot!
Coffeeshop + small gallery
스튜디오콘크리트 (Studio Concrete)
삼성미술관리움 (Leeum, Samsung Museum)
Get freshly baked at 오월의종 단풍나무점 (Maywell Bakery)
안동 소주! (Andong Soju!)
Jeju shores
원앤온리 제주 (One and Only, Jeju)
Gone with the wind.
연남방앗간 (Yeonnam Bangagan Coffeeshop)
First time walking through 연세대학교 (Yonsei University)
온고지신 (Ongozisin Coffeeshop)
2019.11.29 — visited mom. It was a beautiful day.
Rallies, rallies, rallies.
Possibly the prettiest ice cream shop.
Great late-night vibes at 평균율 (Vinyl Music Coffee & Bar)

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