October 2019 Highlights

광장시장 (Gwangjang Market)
After hours of walking
First 치맥 (chicken + beer)!
Neighborhood views
First 배달 (delivery)!
25th floor views
Special exhibit celebrating 100 years of Korean missionaries and martyrs
A letter between… two people I forgot.
The graves and tombstones of the Allens.
Walking views
Walking views 2
Walking views 3
Neighborhood views 2
First hike in Korea
Goons (half-way) up a mountain
Old vibes
Pretty much sugar in liquid form
Cafe vibes
Cafe vibes 2
Catching up with an old friend
고로커피로스터스 (Goro Coffee Roaster)
Too bad the line was too long
냠냠냠 (nom nom nom)!
Don’t fret, friends; it’s a pipe.

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