Phnom Penh, Cambodia (10.14-16.19)

These are some highlights from visiting Phnom Penh, October 14-16, 2019:

One of the first things I noticed about Cambodia: motorcycles and mopeds everywhere!
I thought these were tuk-tuks, but they’re actually rickshaws. Nevertheless, my first time!
Large photo on the right: Pol Pot, Khmer Rouge leader 1975-1979.
Photos on the left: just some of the nameless 20,000 prisoners who died in S-21, or Tuol Sleng, a once high school converted into a place of horror.
One of the cells. Don’t let the one bed fool you: the floor would be packed shoulder-to-shoulder with prisoners, often naked and unwashed for weeks. The bed was actually for interrogation.
An original photo of a prisoner in bed—chained up.
S-21 used to be Chao Ponhea Yat High School. The courtyard was known for its greeneries, some believed them as signs of divine favor. The shades would provide welcomed relief under the hot and humid sun during study or play.
This was one of the sharpest contrast during the tour: the barbed wires, the iron bars, and the unspeakable evils juxtaposed to this soothing courtyard. It screams, even today, of the irrationality of S-21.
A doorway between cells.
A different kind of cell. There would be about 10 of these in one small classroom-sized room.
The previous cell from outside
These iron bars would chain 6-8 pairs ankles together.
PSK, me, and Songyo.
Who would’ve thought that Paul from LA (on the left) knows Paul from Wheaton (on the right)? So glad you showed us around, Songyo!
We cute.
I realize I don’t take a lot of photo picks… Here’s just one.
Hotel Emion, rooftop, infinity pool.

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