I’m an aspiring constructive systematic theologian.


I’m thrilled to announce a new Writings. category: Luctor. It is an ambitious project at theological commentary on Scripture, by yours truly. You can read about the inspiration for its name and vision here.

Welcome, friends!

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Writing is an art. Posting it online for the world to see is vulnerability. Only narcissists, fools, or secure persons will do such a thing. I’m a mixture of all three.

But as the words above in large font read: I’m an aspiring constructive systematic theologian. I am already, but I continually aspire to be a better, sharper, and more compassionate theologian. I want to be constructive in my work, not just productive. Meaning, I want to write (and confess) things that build up rather than take space. I also want to be systematic in my approach. I steer towards coherence while also carrying that humble flexibility for brokenness, bewilderment, and beauty. Lastly, I am a theologian, more specifically a Christian theologian. The God of Israel incarnated in Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ, who pours out the Holy Spirit on all flesh is my obsession.

Friends and strangers, I hope you will see me in my writings. I hope you’ll see Jesus—that precious crucified one—in them as well.