Cambodia (2019)

Paul, or PSK, invited me to join his Cambodian travels. As someone who loves religious studies, I jumped at the opportunity to visit the jaw-dropping, astounding Angkor Wat–the world’s largest temple complex and religious center. But first, a quick stop by Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh.

first time on a tuk-tuk.
possibly the best meal during the trip, but Cambodia does not have great cuisine…
rooftop pool
travel buddy Paul on the left; Phnom Penh resident and old friend Paul on the right

Below are some photos of Toul Sleng: a high school turned concentration camp during Khmer Rouge’s brutal regime from 1976-79. View at your own risk.

A smiling Khmer Rouge leader and a few of the 20,000 tortured, nameless individuals behind.

an old photo of one victim left to rot after meaningless torture.
no proper doors, no privacy.
living quarters
unspeakable things

Over 100F and constant 100% humidity, Siem Reap was relentless. Yet these sacral grounds and monuments welcome sages and fools alike to marvel at their stunning beauty.

Typical photo of us
Normal photo of us
I had a blast taking selfies
These faces, if I remember correctly, are the many faces of kings and gods bestowing blessings
PSK and I attempting to bless you with our faces

These magnificent trees grew and became an integral part of the temple structure. It is now impossible to remove the trunks without doing some structural damage to the temple walls. But why would anyone want to hack these beauties? Nature has organically imbedded itself to these sacral ruins, breathing life again.

Close-up of just how imbedded these trees are.
Apparently some Tomb Raider was here…

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