Andong (2019)

AJ and I were, by no means, strangers when we first planned our trip. The beginnings of our relationship, however, never went beyond our Tuesday small group. But desperate for an English companionship in Korea, I jumped on the opportunity to meet him to visit a small, unsuspecting traditional village called Andong (안동 하회마을). The initial awkwardness quickly fizzled out: we connected through raving about the autumn foliage, uncanny similar food preference, acute need for introversion, and Korean ballads–욕심 by MeloMance.

First time riding KTX
Random noble’s house by a dried up river
Front door
Me looking like I’m picking my nose

Serenity. The morning exudes it. It’s palpable, served on a silver platter. Unlike in Seoul, where one is absolutely desperate for a sliver of it.

The host’s warm breakfast
Looks straight out of Kdrama
People were waiting in line for these red and yellow leafy trees

One of my favorite meals (above) was getting 제사밥 (ancestor veneration meal). All the traditional roots, vegetables, dried goodies served course-style. A typical ancestor veneration table (left) is set as a feast for the dead. This one was set by my dad, my step-mom, and me in Montgomery, Alabama of all places–guess the dead don’t mind traveling anywhere for a free meal.

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