Remember Unto Life (Deut 1-4)

Deuteronomic theology in a nutshell is remember, remember, remember! Memories are tricky things. It comes as no surprise that memories often change: they twist and produce ill-feelings; they blossom and touch tenderly; they recede into “I forgot” or “I don’t care” mental boxes; or they glue themselves at the forefront of our minds. Memories playContinue reading “Remember Unto Life (Deut 1-4)”

Deuteronomy: The Torah of Life.

Deuteronomy is the only Pentateuchal book fully narrated from Moses’s perspective. We hear Moses — his successes as well as his failures and frustrations — in his own voice. We must hear his pastoral and vulnerable voice. Instead of the timid Moses at the Burning Bush, Moses thunders life, blessing, warnings, and even threats inContinue reading “Deuteronomy: The Torah of Life.”