Fourth Moon in Seoul

Originally, a fourth month in Seoul was not planned. But things happen, and they mess plans. One of the reasons why I extended my time in Korea was because I got LASEK at the end of last year. LASEK is a less-invasive procedure than LASIK, but its recovery time is much longer. To comply withContinue reading “Fourth Moon in Seoul”

Third Moon in Seoul

This post is coming late due to recovery from LASEK surgery at the end of December. The surgery went well; I am still in wonder with my new 20-20 vision—it’s a whole new world. Forgive thy sinner for I have been indulging on my guilty pleasure: starting too many books at once. At one pointContinue reading “Third Moon in Seoul”

Second Moon in Seoul

It’s cold! My SoCal body can barely handle it. Thank God for heat-tech, layers, down jackets, and 온돌 (“ondol”) or heated floors.  Can’t believe it’s already December. The day I write this, December 3rd, was the first snow of the year; it lasted a pretty hour. I’m reminded of my first snow in college. ItContinue reading “Second Moon in Seoul”

First Moon in Seoul

I find myself gravitating, more frequently now, towards the familiar and comfortable, usually in small forms. I enjoy fresh, clean sheets. I sip on warm coffee, either at home or at one of Seoul’s many fine cafes. I warm myself up with tea at night, usually after an exceptionally large meal. I watch the sameContinue reading “First Moon in Seoul”