Three Mile An Hour God // Kosuke Koyama.

Whimsical, witty, and down-right just good, Kosuke Koyama is truly a one-of-a-kind theologian. Koyama is, along with Jung Young Lee and C.S. Song, a trail-blazer and an inspiration to young, aspiring theologians like me — an Asian American. Though Western trained (Princeton and Union Theological Seminary), Koyama is unapologetic of use of Buddhism, Japanese heritageContinue reading “Three Mile An Hour God // Kosuke Koyama.”

Pachinko // Min Jin Lee.

Pachinko’s very first words are… “History has failed us, but no matter.” Who is the speaker? Is she one of the main characters? Is she the narrator? Or is she the author, Min Jin Lee? Personally, I think it makes the most sense if this is the author’s aside: a statement even beyond the scope ofContinue reading “Pachinko // Min Jin Lee.”

Double Particularity // Daniel D. Lee.

Theology is a saturated academic field, yet there is a dire need for constructive Asian American theology. Double Particularity is a commendable attempt to fill a part of that enormous need. And, no, this is not “Asian theology,” though it very much appreciates and stands on the shoulders of Asian theologies. Demarking the difference between Asian andContinue reading “Double Particularity // Daniel D. Lee.”