Fifty Famous Stories Retold // James Baldwin.

Time to time I break away from theology to read fiction, but I was already too preoccupied with many other books. So, this short collection was the perfect choice with short stories not much longer than a few-minutes read. I’m not sure how famous these are since I probably only heard about 10 of theContinue reading “Fifty Famous Stories Retold // James Baldwin.”

Till We Have Faces // C.S. Lewis.

Personally, I think C.S. Lewis is at his best when he writes fiction. (I was underwhelmed by Mere Christianity, perhaps because I recognized his theological influences, such as Augustine and Aquinas, and thought them more magisterial than he. Exceptions are A Grief Observed and The Weight of Glory.) Not just his celebrated Narnia Chronicles—a literaryContinue reading “Till We Have Faces // C.S. Lewis.”

Pachinko // Min Jin Lee.

Pachinko’s very first words are… “History has failed us, but no matter.” Who is the speaker? Is she one of the main characters? Is she the narrator? Or is she the author, Min Jin Lee? Personally, I think it makes the most sense if this is the author’s aside: a statement even beyond the scope ofContinue reading “Pachinko // Min Jin Lee.”