Perelandra // C.S. Lewis.

I’m embarrassed to admit that the first time I read Perelandra I did not enjoy it. I would like to fully recant my previous sentiment with wholehearted repentance: Perelandra is a brilliant stroke of theological rumination. I think before I was on the heels of Out of the Silent Planet‘s more adventurous narrative that IContinue reading “Perelandra // C.S. Lewis.”

Top Reads of 2019

Being the year when I finished seminary and started Parish Pulpit Fellowship, I’m pleased to say that this year’s readings are very assorted: theology, philosophy, mysticism/spiritual, fiction, sci-fi, high fantasy, dyspotian, letters, and even punctuation! It seems, more than previous years, there was a high number of gems and goldmines—as evidenced by the many differentContinue reading “Top Reads of 2019”

The Final Empire (Mistborn 1) // Brandon Sanderson.

That’s it. I’m sold. I am a fan: Mistborn is simply… amazing. Thank you, Brandon Sanderson. Thank you, Michael Kramer (Audible voice). In this epic fantasy or high fantasy, Sanderson fills a world full of magic, metal, politics, and the age-old struggle between the oppressors and the oppressed. There is the underdog, Vin the streetContinue reading “The Final Empire (Mistborn 1) // Brandon Sanderson.”

Acts (Belief Series) // Willie James Jennings.

What prophetic roar, what fiery witness! This, Willie James Jennings’s commentary on Acts, is without a moment’s hesitation one of the best theological works I have ever read. “The revolution of the intimate is here!” Jennings heralds. And how profound is this unseemly way of flipping the world right-side. It is not one of violence,Continue reading “Acts (Belief Series) // Willie James Jennings.”

Till We Have Faces // C.S. Lewis.

Personally, I think C.S. Lewis is at his best when he writes fiction. (I was underwhelmed by Mere Christianity, perhaps because I recognized his theological influences, such as Augustine and Aquinas, and thought them more magisterial than he. Exceptions are A Grief Observed and The Weight of Glory.) Not just his celebrated Narnia Chronicles—a literaryContinue reading “Till We Have Faces // C.S. Lewis.”