Contact // Carl Sagan.

“Interstellar is by far the best sci-fi movie,” said Sooho.With an amused look, “No, you need to watch Contact,” replied the professor. And so he did. He understood why the professor said “need” but not “no.” Contact’s literary life is a bit unusual. Initially, it was drafted as screenplay in 1979 and had contracted withContinue reading “Contact // Carl Sagan.”

That Hideous Strength // C.S. Lewis.

When I first read That Hideous Strength I was bored by its slow and uneventful pace: it lacks the brevity of Out of the Silent Planet and poetic depth of Perelandra. Or so I thought. This second reading brought out so much more. Though I would still rank it third out of the trilogy, itContinue reading “That Hideous Strength // C.S. Lewis.”

Perelandra // C.S. Lewis.

I’m embarrassed to admit that the first time I read Perelandra I did not enjoy it. I would like to fully recant my previous sentiment with wholehearted repentance: Perelandra is a brilliant stroke of theological rumination. I think before I was on the heels of Out of the Silent Planet‘s more adventurous narrative that IContinue reading “Perelandra // C.S. Lewis.”

Dune // Frank Herbert.

Perhaps it was the production crew comprised of stellar voice actors and sound engineers that made L.A. traffic somewhat enjoyable. Or it was Dune itself, a masterpiece by Frank Herbert, that captivated me so thoroughly that I would take one-to-two hour walks—an unlikely and unusual exercise for those who know me—just to hear a bitContinue reading “Dune // Frank Herbert.”

Parable of the Sower // Octavia E. Butler.

Gripping, absolutely gripping. In post-apocalyptic California, not too far in the future, 2020s, climate change has taken its destructive toll: ravaging “the most powerful nation” and making ravenous people—cannibalist, rapists, scavangers, and druggies who love to see things on fire. Parable of the Sower follows the black heroine, Lauren Olamina, who grew up somewhat protectedContinue reading “Parable of the Sower // Octavia E. Butler.”

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? // Philip K. Dick.

For good or for ill, A.I.’s are shaping the future — indeed, they are shaping the present. But what are the costs? The benefits? Is this the end of humanity as we know it, or the rise of the next, inevitable step? These might be pertinent questions now, but decades before A.I. became a tangible reality, PhilipContinue reading “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? // Philip K. Dick.”