That Hideous Strength // C.S. Lewis.

When I first read That Hideous Strength I was bored by its slow and uneventful pace: it lacks the brevity of Out of the Silent Planet and poetic depth of Perelandra. Or so I thought. This second reading brought out so much more. Though I would still rank it third out of the trilogy, itContinue reading “That Hideous Strength // C.S. Lewis.”

Perelandra // C.S. Lewis.

I’m embarrassed to admit that the first time I read Perelandra I did not enjoy it. I would like to fully recant my previous sentiment with wholehearted repentance: Perelandra is a brilliant stroke of theological rumination. I think before I was on the heels of Out of the Silent Planet‘s more adventurous narrative that IContinue reading “Perelandra // C.S. Lewis.”

Out of the Silent Planet // C.S. Lewis.

After Till We Have Faces, I’ve been feeling… C.S.Lewis-y. Poor Ransom! Caught up in an interstellar mission without training or consent! Is a philologist or linguist even an acceptable person for the job? Apparently, he is. What happens when a philologist is taken captive by a mad physicists and an old, forgotten nemesis to Malacandra?Continue reading “Out of the Silent Planet // C.S. Lewis.”