Fifth Moon, in Taipei, Seoul, and Budapest

Two weeks in Taipei, one in Seoul, and one in Budapest, never have I felt so displaced in one month’s time. Whereas December and January felt like they flew by, February felt sluggish—isn’t it the shortest month even during leap year? Maybe because it was a rich month with new experiences and reflections. One particularContinue reading “Fifth Moon, in Taipei, Seoul, and Budapest”

A Little History of the World // E.H. Gombrich.

Art historian by training, E.H. Gombrich is not the obvious choice for writing a children’s book on the history of the world. He sort of stumbled onto it and wrote marvelously, entertaining children and adults for decades. While a doctoral student at University of Vienna in 1935, a friend in publishing approached Gombrich to skimContinue reading “A Little History of the World // E.H. Gombrich.”