Sapiens // Yuval Noah Harari.

Sapiens, the book that took Yuval Noah Harari from an eccentric history professor at Hebrew University of Jerusalem to a superstar scholar with worldwide fandom and movement called “Sapienship.” I’ve seen Sapiens on bestsellers and friend’s recommended reads, but I never picked it up. Actually, I rarely pick up new bestsellers or top reads ofContinue reading “Sapiens // Yuval Noah Harari.”

A Little History of the World // E.H. Gombrich.

Art historian by training, E.H. Gombrich is not the obvious choice for writing a children’s book on the history of the world. He sort of stumbled onto it and wrote marvelously, entertaining children and adults for decades. While a doctoral student at University of Vienna in 1935, a friend in publishing approached Gombrich to skimContinue reading “A Little History of the World // E.H. Gombrich.”