Theology and the End of Doctrine // Christine Helmer.

In 1984, George Lindbeck, professor of theology at Yale University, published The Nature of Doctrine, a short manifesto that succinctly summarized a new way of doing theology: the so called “postliberal theology.” The proposal is simple: theological formation is best modeled after cultural-linguistic development. In other words, learning theology is like learning a language: oneContinue reading “Theology and the End of Doctrine // Christine Helmer.”

Luctor: An Introduction

Luctor (v): to fight, struggle, wrestle in Latin. mansit solus: et ecce vir luctabatur cum eo usque mane. Jacob was left alone; and a man wrestled with him until daybreak. (Genesis 32:24) “Every theologian should at some point in their life write a commentary.” // Willie James Jennings, Acts, xv. Anyone who has done theContinue reading “Luctor: An Introduction”

The Drama of Doctrine // Kevin J. Vanhoozer.

During Kevin J. Vanhoozer’s itinerant time at Wheaton, word of this book, his magnum opus, was buzzed as the book to read for eager students of theology. So, desperately wanting to learn more, I bought the book, read the first few pages, and closed the book. I thought, “What in God’s name is he talking about?” His verbosity dwindledContinue reading “The Drama of Doctrine // Kevin J. Vanhoozer.”